Monday, November 14, 2016

Wisconsin Woman - Fuck yeah.

I love Gustav Klimt. His works are represented everywhere in my home.
I especially love the portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer. I got to see the original at the Neue Gallery in NYC. I stood there for a full half hour, just gazing, examining, marveling at how bright it was. All the prints show the gold leafing in a deep color but in person, it's so light.
I watched the movie, "Woman In Gold", recently. It's about the fight by Adele's niece to get back what the Nazis stole during the Third Reich.
I really have nothing of value - truly. I think my shit is valuable but only to me. I'm very sentimental.
The thought that my home could be invaded and confiscated as a result of Newt Gingrich and his intention of re-creating the "Un-American Activities" panel (which if anyone still remembers history was created by a Wisconsin representative, Joe McCarthy), is absolutely, terrifyingly repugnant to me.
I am horrified by what the people who live right next door to me have done by voting for a miscreant.
But I live in Wisconsin. Short of moving outside the country and leaving the people who need me to fend for themselves, I've decided to embrace that.
Gun classes. Handgun permit. Concealed carry. Open carry.
THOSE are my rights and I am mother-fucking going to avail myself of them.
To the person who said, "We can't become them", I'm not.
I'm availing myself of the rights I still have.
I will become the most bad-ass version of myself.

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