Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Knee Replacement - Surgical Nightmare - Dr. Brian Lohrbach, Appleton WI

Just over a year since my bilateral knee replacement and my knees do not bend beyond 95°. They are painful from a minor annoyance to a full on incapacitation. 2nd opinion: I'm "lucky - it could be so much worse". Implants used are over 30 years old - very concerning considering all the advancement in implant technology in that time.
Walking, bending, kneeling are all difficult to impossible. Pain management from the beginning was sub-par including an instance where one prescription couldn't be filled by 3 pharmacies because "nobody makes that anymore". Dr. Lohrbach's response to my tearful pleas for help with the pain at my 2 week follow-up was, "Your left knee is slightly worse? Must be because I'm right-handed." Humor? Really?
I do NOT recommend Dr. Lohrbach. He's a factory surgeon (get em in, get em out), he has no empathy or bedside manner and his abilities are specious.
Any doctor who uses out-dated technology so blatantly should be ashamed.
#BrianLohrbachMD Orthopedic & Sports Institute
UPDATE 12/28/16 -
I got a message yesterday from a chirpy young woman asking me to return her call - she was sorry but she was busy with "personal" issues and couldn't reach out to me sooner (Why I needed to know her back story is beyond me). I called her today.
She said she handles "revenue and clinical issues" for the practice and its doctors. After a brief exchange, I asked what she expected to do for me as she had NO IDEA WHAT MY PROBLEM WAS. She doesn't read "social media" - doesn't have it or use it - and no one told her anything substantive about my review.
Why are you calling me then? You're reaching out? I didn't ask to be "reached". After 14 months of pain and lack of mobility, I'm certain you can't do anything at all about Dr. Lohrbach's "work".
What a remarkably uncaring, disinterested, inept group of people.