Thursday, October 27, 2016

Second Class Citizen

On October 29, 2014, I wrote the following:


This sign - a good 4’ x 5’ - stands on the lawn of a house at the end of my block.

Well, not really on my block…it’s off the dead end spur toward the lake at the end of the street.

I know this couple. Older but still active. The wife sought us out when we first moved here and invited my parents and me to a curling fundraiser. My 90-year-old Dad got down on the ice, crouched and sent that puck/disk/thingy flying while she coached him. Still one of the great images of my life burned into my brain.

They are a lovely couple.

I want to ask them if they think the wife is worth less than the husband. I want to know.

Is she, all fire and spice, worth less than the lovely easy-going guy to whom she’s married?

I want to know why they think Scott Walker repealing the law that mandated Wisconsin companies pay equally for work done regardless of gender is okay.

I think her response would be “why are you so upset - I’m entitled to my opinion - it’s politics and this is how I feel - you are way too aggressive”. She might add “don’t take it so personally”.

Yup. I’m aggressive by my own admission. And I take it VERY personally.

I want her to vote. I want EVERYONE to vote.

To this lovely woman who would vote for a person who thinks of her as a second class citizen, I would say:


Because sometime in the future when you, your daughter and your grandchild are relegated to the back of the bus or the closet or THE KITCHEN, you can say, “I VOTED FOR THAT”.

That will be the least you can say.

Today, the only signs up and down my block to the big lake are 2 small ones across the street from me for local democrats -

And Trump/Pence with other Republicans scattered around on the lawn of the people described above.

I have a complete picture of who they are now.

I don't need to ask her a damned thing.

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