Thursday, May 23, 2019


Alabama Sen. Clyde Chambliss, Republican:
“The egg in the lab doesn’t apply. It’s not in a woman. She’s not pregnant.”

A pro-life anti-abortion law “doesn’t apply” to a fertilized egg in spite of the fact that the sperm has penetrated the ovum and the cells have divided beyond conception while coincidentally being frozen in mid-development and stored at a lab.
In spite of pro-lifers argument that “life begins at conception”, these zygotes can be aborted without government interference.
This is not “pro-life” - this is the epitome of hypocrisy.
These laws have nothing to do with “saving the unborn”.
Zygotes are unborn.
These laws are a calculated and systematic OPPRESSION OF WOMEN.
Why are we allowing it?
It’s reprehensible that there are women on board with DENYING MY RIGHT TO CHOOSE, spouting their “GOD makes a baby” crap.
SPERM makes a baby.
Speaking of which…
Where are the men who profess to love the women in their lives as equals? Where are our gay friends, our boyfriends, our husbands, our fathers, our brothers, our sons, our nephews? Why are you silent?
“I’m doing my very best to be a supportive advocate while remaining very aware of the dangers of appearing to speak for women. I’m doing what I can, and I’m not remotely disengaged. Just trying to be respectful.”
Are you fucking kidding me? THEY are speaking for us while you aren’t. THEY are gagging us while you’re keeping a “respectful” distance from the conversation. NUT UP.
Gay men - There are women who stand up for you every day, screaming at the top of our lungs for your rights. I am one. I have no compunction about speaking for you against anyone who would diminish your value as a human being and an American. It’s what my integrity and humanity demand of me and it should be what yours demand of you. If you respect me, stand up for me and my rights.
Straight men - When it comes to women (pun intended) stop using your penises and try using your legs for a bit. Stand up for the women in your lives. Stand with them in the face of being relegated to second-class citizenship as nothing but “host bodies” for babies they don’t want.
Speak the fuck up for them as human beings.
Support CHOICE and bodily autonomy.
You sure as hell would if you were forced BY LAW to get a vasectomy at 15 (which btw would prevent 100% of abortions) and needed a woman's permission to have it reversed.
Speak out against unconstitutional laws meant to strip women of our rights.
Stop tippy toeing and making excuses.
That’s what we’re doing. Screaming.
Because the future WILL BE a FUCKING nightmare if we stop.