Thursday, September 1, 2016

True Love

I never thought I would find great love. True Love.
I've loved in the past - deeply. But those loves always ended painfully.
When I've looked back over my amours, there isn't one I can say "got away". Those affairs ended because they expired either for me or for him.
One can't regret what was not meant to be permanent.
I thought great love and enduring passion, like that shared by my parents, would never be part of my experience.
And I was content, finally.
By 2008, I was a grown up and completely on my own. I was enough.
Then came a man who opened the door to a whole new world.
Because of him, my world is new every day - exciting, passionate, comfortable, fun, funny and full of possibility.
I know great love now. I'm complete because I'm more now.
My parents would be so thrilled. And they would've adored my guy.
Happy 65th Anniversary, Mum and Papa-San. Thank you for showing me what True Love looks like.
Now I know it when I see it.

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